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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Completion - It's So Near! : )

Sigh.  My last piece is done, finished, signed, mounted, matted, framed and labelled.  It's late afternoon.  The snow has been falling gently all day and now the sun has just come out.  It's so bright and sparkly out there!  I still have a few more things to do though.  I need to pack for the morning.  Here's what I cannot forget to bring tomorrow.

- masking tape or painter's tape.
Hands down, this is a lifesaver.  It's helps to keep frames from hanging crooked.  It helps to set pictures flush with the wall if it tends to tilt.  It holds flippy corners down on hanging quilts as well.
- the sketch of how I plan to arrange the display.  I planned it all out on the floor ahead of time so I don't have to think creatively when I get there.  When I get there, I don't have much time.  I learned the hard way that if I'm not prepared with an arrangement, only a half dozen pieces can take a couple hours to hang before I'm happy with it!  lol
- microfibre shammy-thing.  I can shine off all the fingerprints once everything is in place. Fingerprints can really show with the white matting behind the glass.  Since people tend to come in closer and closer to look, it has to be sparkly clean!
- the curtains.  Yeah - curtains.  They are for the floor.  In the Crimson Gallery, I put red down.  This time, I have chocolate brown linens that will look great with all the dark frames (I hope).
- a few more decorative accessories.  In this case it will be a white gate, a milk can full of wheat, and many spools of thread.  : )  When I think of the pictures on the walls in an otherwise empty space, I feel it will look stark.  I like to put my art in context.  So, the farm items and all the pretty threads will be part of the story.  I've seen the photographers' clubs lie vintage cameras all over the floor, and it was a real draw to passers by.  The display is a 14 foot wall behind glass, so nothing can get tampered with.
- the art.  haha  I am very thorough with my to-do lists.  This will be on my list of what to bring.  Getting out of the house with three kids means I can easily forget my things while I remember theirs. 

I don't need nails or labels.  The Center provides all of that.  I don't need measuring tape because the whole wall is horizontal slats.  This makes it VERY easy to get things even.  I won't be finished hanging the show until Sunday afternoon (did you read that Trista who thinks its funny to show up early and laugh at my nervousness!??).   Ha ha!  : )  Once I'm done I am going to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and enjoy the holiday season!  YEAH!!

Here's how it works.  Everything will remain up until January 7th.  If you are interested in purchasing anything there, you can go to the mall admin offices down the hall or email me at 'mysweetprairie at gmail.com' and they will put a sold sticker on it for you.  If you want to purchase anything as a Christmas gift for someone else, I can provide you with a My Sweet Prairie card to use in place of the art until the gallery show is over.  Usually the mall likes to leave everything up, and I am happy to ship/deliver the work to you in January. 

All good?
All right.

Have a lovely weekend!  Please check out all the other exhibits while you are there.  There are SO many beautiful things to look at!  : )


Sheila said...

Sure wish I could be there to see the display , best of luck to you .

Pieces of Sunshine said...

You sound wonderfully organised Monika. If only I lived nearby, I would love to see your work url!

All the best and enjoy!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Wishing you an awesome show!!!
Stay inspired!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

good luck hanging the show!!
I will be sure to drop by next week and ohhh and ahhhhh over it !! :)

CitricSugar said...

I'll have to swing by and check that out!

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