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Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's Snowing on the Prairie!

I bought these shatter-proof picture snow globes last year in January.  
I've been waiting a long time to fill them full of goodness!  


* * * A Very Merry Prairie * * * 


Aren't these fun!?  
We are having our first big snow right now and I just can't wait any longer to show these off.

Inside are two little 2x3 inch landscapes back to back.  They are all unique with no two alike.  Yes, these are all for sale and much cheaper than my framed work fyi.  I thought it would be nice to produce a range of sizes and therefore more price range too.  SaskMade Market on 8th Strees n Saskatoon is selling them for around $30.  People can pick them up and make them snow! 

Please note: These snow globes will not go on Etsy because postage rates will be too high. 


Textile Tragic said...

What fun! That's a great idea:)

Anonymous said...

adorable idea :)

Stay inspired!

Annette said...

great idea snow globs .... is that why it is snowing today???? For shipping your snow globs with the colder temps they are likely to frezze. My sister inlaw sent on in the mail a few years back and that is what had happened. sew just a word of cation they like it warm.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks!! I'm not shipping them anywhere. Plus, it seems only prairie dwellers are interested in prairie art. ; ) They can stay in my shows or sales locally. ; )
shake shake shake
: ) I love these things! hehe

LynCC said...

So, so COOL!!

LynCC said...

And wait! I'm not a prairie dweller, and I love prairie art :)

Kit Lang said...


Heather said...

great idea. they look wonderful.

darcey said...

Brrr...but pretty, I'm sure. Enjoy the snow. I live on the west coast and it's been chilly here and we've been scraping windshields in the morning. I was up at Whistler last week and it snowed a little....really, nothing more beautiful! "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...."

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Ohhh... so that's what the dark sky art was for. Too totally cool!! You and your suprises... very fun!!

Riel Nason said...

Totally cool! Not that I want to think about snow yet. ;-)

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