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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Love Mail!

Wow - what a haul this week.  I got postcards from a variety of swaps I'm in.  Check it out!

from Kate A. in Nova Scotia!  thank you Kate : )

from Anne M. in Nova Scotia.  Thanks Anne! : )

Poppy Postcard from Brenda T. in Saskatoon...  full of french knots : )

Poppies from Miriam G. in Ireland.  Lovely!

And Holly M. in New Brunswick mailed these to me just because she's so awesome.  Thank you Holly! (her blog is HERE.)

A couple of magazines circa 2007.  (Oldies full of goodies!) and Holly's art card on top.  Sweet!

I picked up these at the quilt shop.  They had a note on the bag: free to a good home.  (! excuse the harsh lighting)

Thank you to whoever left these scraps!  I can use them in my art, postcards, workshops, and my daughter even joined in on the crafty fun and made her own landscape.  ; )

See you on WIP Wed! : )


Linda said...

What a haul is right! Lovely.

Sheila said...

Great postcards Monika , I got my card today from Brenda too , I'll post tomorrow and I know of one other card that arrived , such fun .

Wendy said...

I think Holly may be from New Brunswick; not Ontario..I recognize her artwork.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Ooops - yes, Bathurst. Thank you Wendy! : )

HollyM said...

I only just noticed that you posted me a thanks. Isn't it funny to read your name on someone's blog?
It is also fun to send things out to someone you know will appreciate it!

PrairiePeasant said...

Wonderful to receive such lovely surprises in the mail! I'm wondering how you affix a stamp to them, or do you have to mail them in an envelope?

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