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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Friday Finishes

I have been no-net for 2 days.  Here's the proof that it's all good.  I got many things accomplished.  I finished the second 'Flax at Jackfish Lake' and it is stunning.  My second-time-arounds really go together easier and the colors just all seem to fall into the right places.

Flax at Jackfish II, 2011 (detail)
I love the way the evergreens sink into the flax field!! I love the slight curve in the foreground.  I love the land on the other side of the lake.  I am super happy with this one.

I did a lot more work on the Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies from the last blog entry.  The wolf willow has been stitched in.  I may add some light silver highlights.  The post is in.  I did a few more grasses, and then began looking for the right color to stitch in the prairie lilies.

Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies in progress... SOLD

Yeah.  Really.  It's spoken for!  My head is spinning - half my work is sold already!  I am just aching to go thread shopping.  Oh let me tell you!  lol 

Notice there were no prairie lilies stitched in yet?  

I looked through my stash with no luck.  I recalled that I had red dye left over and died some floss I had made yellow earlier.  No luck.  I even dunked a brown skein into the red to see if I could get the right color.  Nope.

New dyes.  Useful, but not what I need right now.

I went to Periwinkle and the floss was either too rusty, or too light.  What a tricky flower!  I'll try one more shop...  In the mean time, I made up this little baby!  I started it a couple afternoons ago and have been plugging away at it.  It's complete.  I've signed it and everything.  It's a row of trees up at Cedar Lodge as you look back over to the canola on the other side of the lake.  You can't see the water of Blackstrap Lake from there because the hillside is VERY steep.

Twelve Trees.  3" x 9"

That's right folks.  Monika put trees into her art.  Sorry that's blurry - I snapped a quick pic in the dark to show you.  Once it's finished and I get a sunny day, I'll do a retake.  Believe it or not, I bought the right size of matting and frame first!  This one was a surprise finish.  I had planned to put the curly dock at Bergheim Road into that frame.  I suppose I can get more.  I'm really glad about how well Twelve Trees worked out!  Those tree lines are everywhere, planted as windbreaks around farms.  I love how they were planted in a row and properly spaced, yet the trees are certainly individual.  They have a lot of character.  p.s.  I did recreate each trunk as they were.  I thought they deserved that.  ; )

Have a great weekend!  Happy Turkey Day to my American friends.


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Love your flax field Monika!

Ellie said...

Your pieces are all lovely, you put so much work and effort into them. I love them all.

elle said...

You've certainly nailed the landscape, Monika. Great work.

Poppyprint said...

gorgeous! I am swooning over Flax Field.

queenopearls said...

Monika, your art is STUNNING so it shoudl come as no surprise it is selling like hot cakes! :)
~Christina in Cleveland

Vicki W said...

I love both of them but that first one is spectacular! You really have this technique mastered.

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