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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Show Shopping & A Draw

Everyone keeps asking: what did you buy!!??  I was so excited to go through all the vendors' shops that came to town for our show.  You should know me by now.  I bought thread.  I spent $60.  Fortunately, I made $60 selling things at the show, so that's perfect!  Unfortunately, the thread I want & use is expensive... like $10 a spool.  That's not a lot of thread spools for $60.  I did get some little rayons for $2 a piece, but they won't last long!  So here is what I came home with.

pretty fibres from Chicas in Saskatoon 

gorgeous Sulky blendables from Veronica's in Kindersley

Do you see all the soft autumn landscape colors?  aaaaaaaaah...  I do.

WonderFil rayons, and a variegated cotton from Quilt Paradise in Maidstone

Look!  More sparkly, soft winter fibres.  Oooh they make me sew happy!!

more winter landscape fibres from Heather's in Moose Jaw

King Tut Variegated new at Periwinkle's in Saskatoon!

I'm using this one in my fall grasses for sure!  It's perfect, AND can you believe it?  I have two thread paintings nearly done!  I sewed a lot in the days during and after the show.  So far, so gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous... have you seen Feltastic Fibre's scarves?  I heard that Heike Fink (the proprietor) is giving away one of her handmade Nuno felted scarves once her Facebook page hits 100 likes!  You even get to pick the one you want if you win.  Here's the link if you are interested!

1 comment:

Grey Baby said...

speaking of winning, who won the giveaway of your threads that you were supposed to announce last saturday? :D

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