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Friday, 21 October 2011

The Grand Opening

WOW is this ever spectacular!  I helped set up at Prairieland Park for one of the biggest quilt shows in Western Canada.  Here's a few quick snippets of what you'll get.  Here's what you see BEFORE you enter the event.  Yes... this is only one side of the entrance hall.

You'll be given this.  It's a guide with a map, list of vendors, demo times and topics, as well as your choice of hundreds and hundreds of entries.  Don't forget to wear your gloves if you want to touch... and HAHA good luck trying to pick just one item to vote for!  The prize is a big one: cash and a machine, so cast that ballot!

Secret Santa donations are encouraged!

Last night Flo (from Butterfly Quilting) and I went and enjoyed the grand opening.  There we were entertained by my FAVORITE group ever!  Some day I will join the Raging Grannies.  They rock.  : )

Okay... you get two posts today.  The next one is my unveiling!!!  : )  Stay tuned!


Linda Coleman said...

Oh I wish I lived there so I could go and see the show

Annette said...

love your wearable quilt aka prairie dress and I can hardly wait to see the show on saturday. I took the day off sew that I did not have to feel rushed when we get there. best of luck in the show

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh my goodness... that wall of quilts is incredible and that's not even IN the show yet? Ahhh-mazing!! And the Raging Grannies must have been fun. Running off to see if you posted your unveiling yet!!

Ellie said...

Oh, I wish I lived there so I could go and see and vote. Lovely things there.

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