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Sunday, 10 July 2011

What's Important.

This weekend saw a nice break the heat wave.  I got in a few amazing morning runs, several long walks with my kids, and my kids even got a morning of fishing.  Fabulous!  I spent one entire blustery day reorganizing and cleaning my creative space.  Oooh all that clean space is inspiring.  This was completely finished and all ready to go!

Boundless II, 2011 (commissioned / sold)

up close

I had a quick talk with Jesica and we both thought it would be great to stitch the wildflower border in a variegated thread.  That would bring it all together I think.  So that will get worked on this week.  I just need to go out and find the right thread to go with all the colors.

her grandmother's fabrics

I can't stop thinking about Saturday night.  The kids were in bed, and I was out for an hour watering the back & front yard, and the gardens and the beds... it was our night to turn on the taps (long-running mandatory water ban here).  The sky was darkening, the clouds were darker, the fresh cool wind came up, and I did not want to go back inside!  I stood at the window looking in at my husband watching TV, and I said through the glass, "I want to stay out here!"

where I run, where I breath, where I clear my head, where I get my energy

That's where my soul is fed - out in the open.  I think that's why when we bought a house here, I needed to stand in each room to see what it looks like out the windows.  That was the first thing on my list - BIG windows.  Even my machine is at a BIG window.  I need to see the sky.  That's why I had to move back to Saskatchewan.  I need to see far.  Then my soul feels unconfined.  That's when my creativity just pours out. 

(I know - you've seen this soooo many times, but LOOK!  It's limitless.)

my photo taken from the car window on highway 7 last summer 2010.

What is it for you?  What stimulates your spirit and unleashes your creativity?  Whatever you name... you should do that more often!



Jillsy Girl said...

being with nature!

that photo is unbelievable!

Bee said...

Your work and your photos are gorgeous. Living in the city can sometimes be inspiring, but I would love to live in the open like you do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Hey Bee, I live in the largest city in our province - 265,000 people in the city limits alone. It just doesn't take long to drive out of it, ...or look up : )

Sofia L said...

For me it's when I make a mistake. It pushes me to work with what I have and find a way to correct it. For example I bought the wrong kind of fabric for my original Christmas wall hanging so I had to change everything and now I love it even more and I can't wait to finish it.

Colleen said...

Hi Monika

This weekend, we went for a drive - from Calgary to Lethbridge. We left early in the morning, and the sun was shining - it was gorgeous. Thanks to you and your blog, I appreciated the beauty much more than usual. So, I would say - reading about how other creative people see the world around them inspires me.


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