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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

What am I working on?  Oh, must I really bore you?  Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. At least my to-do list got done. 

- emailed supply lists & directions to all the women taking my Postcard Workshop this weekend!!

- revamped my handouts & printed copies for each person

- read pages after pages of legalease and signed the Centre Gallery agreement forms for December

- completed three 'Intent to Enter' forms for the big quilt show this fall!!!  Yes I did, I really did!

- registered kids for classes

- attended the planning meeting for the SQG Evening Programming Committee 2011/12.

- phoned up Margot Lindsay for a nice chat.  She's just lovely.  ; )

- wrote up some thank-you cards and delivered some of my art to buyers.

- did the paperwork & then met with our Homeschool Liason to give our year-end assessment and log of accomplishments and activities.

I won't begin to list all the yard work I have accomplished.  In between everything, I did a little doodling on scrap fabric with needle and thread while outside with the kids.  I seriously needed this little, highly focused 'me time' between the paperwork and the yardwork.  I must admit, I think I really am addicted.  When I couldn't stitch, I was C R A N K Y.  Oh my.  I need my fix!

bigger photo coming up...

Yup - it's all white.  I bought those pretty earthy flosses last week and they just fall apart.  So I pulled out some white crochet string and started to get lost in the stitching.  I'm all better now.  : )  I realize you can't see it at all, so here's a closer look.  I think I'll stitch whispy long horizontal clouds into the yellow sky.

ahhhh... Monika gets her therapy : )

I have no plans for this.  It's purpose was pure therapy.  I've seen some reliefs done like this and then painted all white over top.  Later you can brush color over it and only the raised parts will catch it.  Very cool!  I'm not sure I will do that.  I may just leave it.

As for my commissions, every time I pulled out one and cleared my sewing table to work on it, my youngest started picking on the older kids.  Oh dear.  A nanny for her, or botox for my deeper frown lines?  I just cannot decide.  It's nothing a good day at the lake can't cure!

See you all tomorrow,

to see more quilts in progress, head on over to Lee's at Freshly Pieced. 
Also linking to Esther's eclectic WIP Wednesday (new for me!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Monika,
Phew, you do have a busy life! Your stitching looks lovely. I would really love to give this a try sometime. I've not done this kind of work, in fact any sewing, since I left school a very long time ago. Everytime I see your blog it makes me want to try it again.

LynCC said...

Pretty in all white! Weird that the others kept falling apart. How about a Mother's Helper instead of a full-blown nanny? When I was teaching piano with young kids of my own, I'd pay an 11yo to take care of the baby. Since I was working at home, I was there for any emergency that might arise (never did), and the 11yo got "training" for her own later true babysitting days at a much, much lower cost than a nanny. Was a win-win situation. Could that work for you? (Don't know how old your older kiddos are)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Your stitching is really beautiful. Something about the all white scheme is really singing to me. And you got a ton of paper work done... must be nice to put that all behind you? I bet your yard looks nice too!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Awe thanks Elaine, Lyn, and Christie. ; ) Love all your comments and suggestions ; )

Galen Pearl said...

I am so fascinated by your quilting. I come from a line of quilters in the Ozarks of Missouri. However, the art has been lost in our family. I started quilting a few years ago while I watched NFL games so that I could justify spending that much time in front of TV! I am not at all creative. I do what I call quilt by numbers, using kits. It's not art, but it's fun! I admire your talent so much!

Esther said...

I am with you on this, I have more life and paperwork WIPs than anything else. My housework WIP is rather serious too. Oooh but I do love your work here, I think white stitching is really special, thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

just the inspiration I needed to embroider on a quilt. thanks for sharing your therpy.

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