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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Takin' it Outside

I'm so behind in yard work, it isn't funny.  This weekend, I devote to the garden centres, grass re-seeding, mulching, mowing, and digging out the dandelions and chives that are taking over the perennial flower beds.  So, no sewing or even thinking about sewing for me today.

Have a lovely weekend!  I'll be here tomorrow with my Sunday Snapshots.



Linda Coleman said...

know how you feel, it's a bank holiday (long weekend) here in Ireland so today is cleaning the house, tomorrow is sorting out oldest daughters stuff for her three week trip to the Gaeltacht (irish speaking region on the west coast) and hopefully Monday will be ME ME ME day, which means sewing, quilting and getting my fix on fabric and thread

diane said...

looks like a beautiful day to be outside!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Diane?? I just saw some tiny white specks fall from the sky onto my windshield:(
Joyce in Sask.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoying fresh air and warm sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! Today was soo cold! And it snowed (for a few seconds anyway). Did you abandon your gardening to some warm indoor fun? Kerrie

Anonymous said...

it's c c cold out - but a great day for me to do yardwork. I got so much done!! I don't tolerate heat well. all good!

Grandma Coco said...

Love your clothesline shot. What is it about clothes hung on the line that is so appealing anyway? Colour? Movement? Randomness?

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