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Monday, 6 June 2011

"Intent to Enter" (...but I can't sew!)

In one week, our 'Intent to Enter' the Saskatoon Quilters' Guild 2011 biennial Quilt Show is due.  I have so many ideas in my head.  I don't think I'll enter a quilt.  I can't enter my landscapes because technically, the are not quilts.  Landscape entries must be three layers and mine are two.  What's a woman like me to do!?  I don't fit anywhere.

The answer: Wearables.  Ever since I laid my eyes on this cover of Belle Amoire, my creative brain was forever changed.  I have never seen anything so lush and beautiful and innovative for a wearable.  This is way beyond the quilted vest.

Now, that isn't exactly what I plan to make, but I do have a pretty prairie dress developing in my head.  Actually, I've sketched it out a couple times in my sketchbook.  I have described it to only one person on this entire earth, and she started SQUEALING with glee!!  The question is, can I pull it off??  The good news is that this category can be 3 or 2 layers.  The bad news is I don't actually know how to sew.  I can't follow a garment pattern to save my life.  This is going to be a major learning curve.

With the theme being, "Making Waves", it's too late for this quilt (see below).  I bought this fabric off of Spoonflower and have already sold it at a garage sale.  I really hope to see it in a quilt in October!

she's making waves.  get it!?

sigh.  We'll see.  In the mean time, I'll just keep dreaming up this dress.  I'll put in my 'Intent To Enter' for now and see what happens over the summer.  I have until September to make this a reality.

See you tomorrow for Tips on Tuesdays!!


Becky said...

Good luck! I grew up sewing clothes, so for me, it's super easy. You can take a piece of clothing you like apart and use it as a pattern, or modify an existing pattern. Does it have to be original? IMO sewing clothes is much easier than quilt, much faster too, but then again, I grew up doing it. I've done hundreds of zippers, button holes, casings, etc... Just keep it simple, and you'll be fine!

Grandma Coco said...

Can you find a dressform? It's so much easier to fit someone else, than to try to fit yourself. Your project sounds fabulous and will no doubt be tons of fun.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Good luck, I do not do "sewing" either. I know but how to, I just dont like it. My mom was an amazing seamstress and I wish I had the love of it that she did. My talents are used in my quilts and other crafts, but sew a zipper, fit a sleeve etc, ugh. So I wish you good luck and hope to see pictures soon.

Anonymous said...

you go girl! i know you can do it! :)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I am excited to see what you create!
I also think you fit in a very special place...your work is so unique and so beautiful....you fit in a very artistic category that not many people can share!! You are lucky, I envy your amazing talent!

Jackie said...

Do it! I sew as well as quilt and entered my first wearable art, and it got accepted into the national show here... you will be fine... can't wait to see it.

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