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Monday, 16 May 2011

Marvelous Monday!

Oh LOOK what I've done!  I am completely smitten with these two new pieces.  I finished "Deep Summer".  I figured something was missing, and was almost set to toss this piece when I thought I would try and hand stitch some fence posts and wires into it.  It's perfect now.

Deep Summer Fields, 2011

I love it!  Adding the two rows of fences really gave this piece the right depth that the original photo had.  And then yesterday, while battling some serious spring allergies, I completed this one.  I'm calling this one by our province's name.  It's so 'green & gold' (our flag colors).

Saskatchewan, 2011

It's based on this very first prairie photo I took after moving back to Saskatoon 4 years ago.  Here it is on a My Sweet Prairie postcard.

Here's some detail of this little blueish-purple flowers in the foreground.  I used variegated threads and it just turned out SO pretty!!  It really suggests the original scene perfectly.

I also lucked out while garage sale-ing this weekend.  I found matting, stretcher bars, and even a double hinged door that folds in half and is quite tall.  I plan to stain the wood with white and use it as a display board for my art at the end of the month.  (White stain?  Grey paint?  Black cloth?  hmmm... can't decide).

See you tomorrow!


felicity said...

Oh Monika those pieces are wonderful. Really wonderful.

Jackie said...

Those are absolutely beautiful.

LynCC said...

As always, so very stunning!! I love every excursion to your blog. :D

upstateLisa said...


Lee said...

Oh, so beautiful! Makes me happy just looking at it. : )

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Both pieces are beautiful !! Your work is amazing!You do make the prairies shine!

diane said...

love your work so much

Linda-Sue said...

Love your textures & u certainly capture the light. The Canadian Prairies are extraordinarily beautiful as is your work.

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