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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tips on Tuesdays! -> Maintenance

Welcome to Tips on Tuesdays!  Sorry some of you have been having trouble grabbing the button for your page.  Try right clicking and copying the button picture only, put it in your blog as an Image gadget, and then link it to this blog.  That's probably your best option.  Alternately, you can grab the link information and the pic separately.  The red button on the side does link to ALL Tuesday posts here.

For anyone new dropping in, the purpose of Tips on Tuesdays is to share ideas.  Each week is a new theme and you can leave comments with a link back to your blog if you like.  ALL readers are welcome to post comments of course.  This week's theme is MAINTENANCE (product / fabric care, sharpening, cleaning, etc) for lack of a better word.  Any sewing room tips?  This was inspired by my friend Bee's Fibre Art blog.  She made a terrific discovery and posted it recently.

I have a tip for you.  Did you know if you clean your own machine, you should use suction and not canned air?  That's because the lint will have no where to go but deeper into your machine.  You can get an attachment for your vacuum, but be gentle.  It's always best to clean the lint out.  Regular cleaning of your machine makes a huge difference on how smooth and quiet your machine runs.  My whole family notices after I've been sewing with flannelette.  My machine is LOUDER and literally sounds like an army helicopter.  It always makes me hear the theme music to M.A.S.H. in my head. 

This pack is under $15 CAN, money well spent.  I clean it myself.

For cleaning the pressed fibres out of grooves from your cutting mat, use a plastic pot scrubber!  Works like a charm.  Any other ideas?  Leave them here!  Click on the red Tips on Tuesdays button in the left sidebar to see all Tips on Tuesdays post.  : )

now off to clean my poor iron!  (thanks Bee!)


Jes said...

Totally unrelated to your post today, Monika, but I have to share - I had a dream last night I was cleaning your house to pay for your art! HA HA HA! If only I lived closer!! Have a great day, Monika!

My Sweet Prairie said...

O M G that is a GREAT IDEA!!!! : )

Grandma Coco said...

I have the exact same vacuum attachments. They work great and not just for the sewing machine, but for the computer keyboard, too. I had my sewing machine professionally tuned up (since I'm not as handy with the home repair as you are) and it sounds so different!! It had been 20 years since the last tune-up but I won't wait that long again. It not only sounds better but sews better, too. I got a new electronic foot control so I have more control over the speed. Great topic, Monika. Maintenance is really important.

My Sweet Prairie said...

On the topic of sharpening, I have heard you can sharpen the olfa rotary blades with tin foil? I'm scared to cut myself doing that. Anyone ever tried it? Those blades are SO expensive.

Also, you know the standard red tomato & strawberry pincusion combo? The strawberry is filled with iron filings. Poking your sewing needles into it a few times WILL sharpen dull needles. ...and you though it was just for decoration! ; )

Okay - I thought it was just for decoration. ; )

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

WOW!! You are supposed to clean your sewing machine???? Who knew???
just kidding! lol I do clean mine, especially with some fabrics that seem to leave a lot behind.
Great tip about cleaning the iron!! I will have to try that.

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents worth....I haven't used the Magic Eraser, but I've heard that it contains formaldehyde. Might be worth keeping it away from children. Another product that might work for cleaning your iron is Goo Gone. I've used it for removing other sticky things, but have not tried it on my iron.

Becky said...

I've also read that you're supposed to clean your cutting mat from time to time with soap and water. Too scary about the DIY blade sharpening. No thanks! I started using parchment paper between the iron (and board) to protect them from the gunky stuff when I use fusibles. Works great! Ounce of prevention, ya know...

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Great topic! I would love to find out how to sharpen fabric scissors. I have a good pair, but must have used them on batting or something and now they aren't very happy. Thanks for the ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Christie, depending on where you live, some fabric stores have a connection with someone who sharpens scissors. I take mine to Unique Textiles in Saskatoon. They come back really sharp and last very well, even though I'm not particularly fussy about whether they're used for paper or fabric.

Poppyprint said...

Monika, congratulations on the pattern in Quilter's Connection. I am currently parked on the couch with the mag and a cup of hot lemon tea (icky head cold), and was so pleased to see your pattern and pretty, colourful bargello quilt!!

Anonymous said...

Bid Sis Says: Want the mini vacuum bits -- but where oh where to find 'em?

Happened to read this @ just the perfect time -- was about to use canned air or the 25 year old filter queen on my precious ...

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