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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Snapshots #30

While I'm at Gardenscape today, I thought I would leave you with this.  Enjoy!  : )

shamrocks in my studio window

Jesica's quilt blocks

sewing with cartoon owls always makes me giggle.

...and look what I found!

I did this nearly 20 yrs ago with chalk.  I still have that indigo mug.  : )

who is secretly hoping that spring will arrive soon please!!

1 comment:

Bee said...

In TX you will miss Spring if you blink. We only have a few days of nice Spring weather before the heat of summer sets in....Ugh! Our summer is as long and tiresome as your winter. I'm not sure which is worse! I love your chalk drawing! You are very talented! I have a favorite indigo mug too that I use often. It looks just like your drawing!

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