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Friday, 25 March 2011

It's Up!

My dear friend Michelle Flowers, who helped me hang my last show, is partying in Australia for three weeks.  So last night I enlisted the help of my good friend Camay to be my helper while hanging the Gardenscape show.  (Don't my friends have cool names!?)  We arrived to the wonderful smell of live greenery and got right to work.

Camay, picking staples out of the display board.

I like where I am!  I'm at the end of the artists' loop in Hall A.  You can see the entrance doors at the far end of this photo.  From where I'm standing while snapping this photo, there is a lot of floor space, walls of daffodils, and a park bench to boot!  It's a nice place to sit (and the only spot to sit) in the art section.  On my way out I picked up my package with all the information.  There was an in invite to an artists get-together Saturday night.  Sounds like fun!  I even happen to know a couple painters there.

hehehe  how many ways can you spell it?  : )

As we left the building, there were cartloads after cartloads of greenery being brought in.  If anything else, you must go for the smell!  ; )  It's sooo fresh and lovely in there!

If anyone is interested in the art, you can't actually purchase it at the show.  You must contact the artist and arrange for purchase & delivery after the show.  As things are sold, sticker dots can be placed on the pieces I am told.  My post cards were to big to fit in the business card holders, so I actually nailed this basket to the display board!  ; )  It looks cute. 

(thank you Camay!!)


Margaret said...

Monika, it looks terrific! And what a great idea about the card basket etc. I have to bring my own 'walls' for my exhibit in Lacombe in April, but I am noting what you've had to work with. There is always something new to learn. Have a wonderful exhibit!

Someday I'll get to Saskatchewan to see your work 'up close and personal'!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

The display looks great! Wish I could be there

Scrappy quilter said...

Oh my, wish I was there to see this. I loved Saskatoon when we lived there, one beautiful city. And some beautiful art work by a gifted artist - you!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

It looks amazing!! Congratulations again!! So well deserved!

Jeane said...

Have a great time at your exhibition. Wish I could be there to enjoy it. Yes, Saskatoon is the best city in Saskatchewan

Michelle Flowers said...

missing you and thinking of you. LOOKS WONDERFUL. (you might be glad to hear, raining and cool over here - but still having an amazing time catching up with loved ones).

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