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Friday, 18 March 2011

For Japan

Today is an unofficial 'blogger's day of silence" to focus on Japan instead.  I'm in.  No fancy give-away, just a link if you chose.  I found this and thought it was a good one, though any money you do send goes into a pool for all worldwide disaster relief.  Still, there's not a lot of red tape and it's non-denominational.   This one is for my friend Stephen (with a big heart) and Christine (with a broken one).

There's also Plan Canada, Canadian Red Cross / American Red Cross, and if you are well in Japan, they ask for blood bank donations.  Like Earthquake and Tsunami and Nuclear Radiation wasn't enough... now they are homeless, hungry, without water, without medicine and freezing with snow and near zero temperatures.  They are still facing disaster. 

with food, medicine, warmth, shelter, water, and family, and enough room on the credit card to help out.

1 comment:

My Sweet Prairie said...


They need quilts! Pack them up, mark as "gift" and send them here. They will ship on to Japan for you until the end of April.



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