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Friday, 4 February 2011

Today, I Made Sandwiches.

I woke up Friday morning.  I looked out the window.  This is what I saw.

You know the saying, 'red sky at morning, sailors take warning'.  Hmmm.  I cut up about half the triangles I need for Jesica's quilt.

I got out some 'ingredients'.

I made some (quilt) sandwiches.

Hehe.  I put them on a plate just to take this photo for you.  : )

Then I got a phone call.  The woman on the other end of the line said, "Your machine is ready".  But was I ready?  I swear, I do not understand the universe.  I picked up the machine, brought it home and reluctantly set it up - new thread, new needle.  I took just a few stitches and they skipped.  Then it jammed.  Then the needle smashed into the plate.  The needle broke and lodged there under the automatic plate converter.  I cried for a half hour.  Actually, I sobbed.  Then I pulled myself together and I phoned her back.  She was sweet enough to invite me back just before closing.  I had kid # 1 babysit kid #2, and I took the machine and kid #3 with me.  She took the need out with pliers from the sliding plate converter thingy.  It was lodged.  She noted that the timing was a bit out due to this crash, but we set it up to sew anyhow.

It worked.  
No skipped stitches. 

That makes NO sense to me. I'm sure it made no sense to her either.  Anyhoo.  She tweaked the bobbin tension on both cases.  We sewed for quite a while.  I thanked her.  (If you are reading this, THANK YOU for your time and helpfulness after hours!!!)  I came back home, put a pizza in the oven for the kids, and then I ATE UP THOSE SANDWICHES!!!

so far so great!

I went through two bobbins and seven sandwiches.  The backs look just like the fronts.  The stitches are PERFECT.  The tension is perfect.  Allright.  I'm satisfied.

I'm also exhausted.  I definately have some PTSD (post traumatic sewing disorder).  I think I need to come up with a different name for "Pretty Penny", my Janome 7700P.  Any suggestions!?  I would LOVE to hear them! 



Anonymous said...

So, when in doubt about how well your machine is sewing (or not) -- give it a smack or two, and then it will work perfect?! LOVE the humour!!

Sharon said...

We have red skies most mornings, but there aren't really many sailors around these parts to take warning. :)

LOVE your quilting!!!! Great job! Can't wait to see it all put together.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh these are just practice pieces on leftovers. But thanks!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Beautiful sunrise. I hope your machine will now sews perfectly for many years!

Anonymous said...

I hope that's the end of your problems!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Oh Monika! I could just feel your frustration in your story!! Glad you survived to quilt again !!
I think you should now call her "Jazz" as in "all that Jazz !" HaHa

glad to hear you are back in Free Motion :)

Becky said...

She reminds me of Dr. Jeckle and Mrs. Hyde ;-). Glad you're back in the saddle again!

Judy Wood said...

Sounds like my recent (and usual) experiences when trying to upgrade Photoshop and anything to do with my computer and artwork. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has intense emotional relationships with inanimate objects.

I tried for those sunrise shots myself but too much other stuff in the way where I am in the city. How about "Petulant (or Peevish) Penny" for your machine?

Anonymous said...

wow - if i could free motion like that i would never practise!!! I too know the frustration of a machine that doesn't work right and it just makes you want to quit or have a drink or cry. Glad some nice person helped you fix it.
I have the view for the sunrises but somehow my pictures never turn out that intense - the secret is??

My Sweet Prairie said...

Re: photos of sunrises / sunsets... I figured out that I need to reduce the exposure on my camera just a bit to take those photos. Otherwise they always look faded, and much less vibrant. That's the trick! I learned it last year after many missed sunrises. Try it! It works like a charm. ; )
Monika K.

Bee said...

Oh My!! I would LOVE to see the sunrise like that!!! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!! I'm so glad your machine is behaving now.

Wendy Lou said...

Hmm... a new name... she definitely deserves something worthy of her extremely particular and cranky attitude :)

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