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Saturday, 12 February 2011


Today from 10 to 3 at St.Paul's Church Hall in Sutherland, Saskatoon, is the estate sale of Corrine Appleton, a quilter who has passed on.  We were told there would be a "massive stock".  Goodness me.  That was an understatement!  There must have been fifty loaded banquet tables in there.  This all belonged to one woman!?

I felt weird going.  I didn't know her.  Like everyone else there, I had my shopping bags and my wad of cash.  I wondered if anyone else in the lineup was trying not to feel like a vulture.  I stood there smiling, visiting, waiting for the doors to open.  There were maybe 50 or 60 of us there before 10 am.  There were lots of friendly faces from the guild!  I already had my plan:  NO fabric.  I only came to find some thread, and especially rayons.  A cool ruler would be nice, I think to myself.

Suddenly someone far ahead of me in line started hollering and pointing at me!  "Hey!  You didn't blog this morning!  Don't you know I need my fix!!?"  She had a big grin on her face.  I'm not naming any names (Deb who works at Periwinkle Quilting).  I smiled and shouted back, "That's because I'm here!  I'll blog later!".  Ha ha.  And so Deb... this blog's for you!

Well, the doors were opened and in we went.  The first thing I saw was thread.  I stood there with a handful of women looking through the box and selecting some.  Here's what I got - and no, I didn't even take half of what was there.

That's about thirteen thousand meters of thread I got for thirteen dollars.  ?Did I calculate that right?  The bottom ones are rayons.  The big variegated sandy colored spool that is standing was purchased later for about $9 at a store because I had to.  I needed it for the thread painting I working on...

There were hand dyed batiks, Kaffe Faset plaid and striped fabrics in those hot colors, a loaded table for every single color of the rainbow.  There were supplies for silk ribbon embroidery, beading, stencilling, stamping, landscapes...  There were tables of batting which I didn't get to.  There were cutters and templates and quilt tops and books and angelina fibres.  There was a box of rulers that had been completely emptied.  I did find this handy little gadget.

And I was really happy to come home with these!  I have loads of glass beads just waiting for some landscapes & for Mandy's wallhanging as well.  Regular needles don't fit through the holes.

And a few more doo dads for a quarter...

And yes - I DID BUY FABRIC.  I bought ten meters of natural flannelette for quilt backings, some blue batique for prairie skies, and some chocolate with polka dots.  You know, you never can have too much of that! ; )

Thank you to my husband Michael for taking some time off work so I could go without the kids.  They seriously would not have fit into that hall!  I would have lost them for sure.  Thank you to the Appleton family for organizing all this.

On the way home I saw a big garage sale sign at the church hall on Kingsmere.  My kids and I are walking there now.  How do I luck out to get two garage sales on one day in February?  Maybe I'll find some more great thread storage.

Have a great day!


Evelyn Ward de Roo said...

get yourself one of these

Angie said...

We have a rather large guild (pushing 400 members) so every so often someone will pass away and the guild gets a box of stuff. Last year a woman who wasn't even a member passes away, her husband called us and someone when to his house execting to say some nice things and pick up a few boxes and throw them in her trunk. It took 4 mini-van loads FULL to get everything and that was just quilting stuff...that is what my hubby will be having to do when I go!

Bee said...

Amazing! What a sale! You got some great thread colors! I understand what you mean about feeling a little like a vulture. But think how pleased this woman would be to know that her wonderful stash is going home with quilters who will really appreciate, enjoy and use her things. I hope you won't forget to show us what treasures you and your kids found at the church garage sale!

Laura said...

Gotta love indulging in some good quilting materials and at such a great price who could resist!

fabriquefantastique said...

I'm sure Corrine would be very happy....and two sales in FEBUARY? nothing starts here until about Easter.

Anonymous said...

Well, I scored three boxes of beads in watchmaker containers, 2 quilting stencils, 2 Jane Sassaman patterns (love her designs) and a package of Karen Stone foundations. And then to top it off, I went for lunch with my awesome friends :)

Wendy Lou said...

Sounds like you did great! I decided I have enough fabric at home, and not enough time as it is, so I didn't go. I did send a friend though!

Becky said...

WOW! That's such an amazing deal! 50 tables?!? So sad, but so amazing for you!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Well I'm sadder now. I didn't know who Corinne was. I found out she was very young - only 7 yrs older than me. And she has won awards at Padukah for her quilting. I'm stunned. I'm also dealing with the discovery that a very important woman in my life passed away from Cancer. I didn't even know she was sick. sigh. I took my kids to a movie lastnight and spent the whole time just staring at their little faces & hands. Life is so precious.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

It looks like you came home with some very useful and fun things!! I agree that I am sure she would be happy to know someone will treasure her things! The polka dots are fantastic!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. You are so right. Life is very precious.
Warm hugs to you.

Bernie said...

Nice to met you yesterday morning - wasn't it intense. I too contemplated the lose of her life and the strangeness of 50+ people waiting by the doors. For me there were too many people in such a small space and so much stuff! I totally missed the thread and most of the fabrics. I went right to the vintage quilts and bought two of those plus a small wall hanging one to cover my cricket machine. I also bought about 10 fabrics from the reproduction table for $7.50. I too hadn't gone for fabric and as a rule I don't buy on "spec" (I have a dismally small stash - just ask Michelle) but I thought that maybe this would prove useful in my old house/old quilt lifestyle.
Hope you enjoyed the afternoon with your children. Again I really enjoy your blog and admire the dedication to the regular updates (i'm pretty bad at that! - oh here is my site -
Take care and I hope you enjoyed the sun today and that it brought back the sunshine to your life. Losing a friend is difficult and time does go so fast - all of us do need to remember how precious life is.

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