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Monday, 7 February 2011

Am I Mad?

Mad... as in nuts?  There's a Block Party over at the Quiltstory blog.  Block... as in pieced quilt square.  Party... as in fun and prizes!  I just found out Sunday.  The challenge is to design a quilt block - either traditional, modern, or creative.  An idea popped into my head, and a couple hours later, here i am making this post.  I began with a bunch of these.

And then I made nine more.  I mean really.  Why not?  : )

And then I flipped them.  And then I PRESSED THEM with a big steam iron.  lol  And then I sewed them all together.

You are probably looking at this teeny Dresden Plate flower in actual size.  It's about three inches across with the petals about a half inch wide.  It was soooo uber-cute that I had to dot the centre with a button!

It's an 'on' point quilt-as-you-go block, so it's all quilted.  I embroidered the stem and border with green floss.  The little flower is only stitched in the ditch.  That's all I needed to do.  The petals curl up a bit which looks soooo pretty.  And when I peek under, I can't find any raw edges.  So like this it will stay.

Click to link

See you all tomorrow for Tips on Tuesdays.  What ever will the topic be?  : )



karen said...

it's so pretty!!

A.J. Dub. said...

Oh my stinkin' freakin' cute! And I am totally squealing that! LOL Love it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I want a quilt like THIS! My Grandmas would have loved it. LOVED. It's so sweet :)


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

That is soooo cute! I love it. And happy to see that your free motion is back in motion again!

random thoughts do or di said...

that little flower is so cute.I wish I could do the free motion quilting, but I never got the hang of it.

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

What a little beauty :).
Stay inspired!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh gosh.. not mad, brilliant! I am really stuck on flowers at the moment.. must be spring fever, but love the quilt as you go and 3D feel of this! Well done!!

Wendy said...

So adorable. Love 3D! And SO creative!!

thecraftyquilter said...

What a great Idea! You did a fantastic job. LOVE the button!

emedoodle said...

Oh my! And I thought the 6" Dresden I made was crazy tiny! I love this flower! It's amazing! Great work!

Quiltstory said...

So creative! I love the embroidery too! Thank you so much for submitting, we had so much fun with this party, so THANK YOU!!

Foxflower said...

Your block is my favorite. Love the flower and now I want to make one....or a bunch! Very sweet.

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