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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sweet Surprise!

As I was sorting through all the fabric from Jesica's Grandmother, I came across a small batch of pre-cut shapes.  Hmmm.  Those sure look like "Grandmother's Fans"!  So I stitched them up and turned them into dresden quarters.  Look!

Aren't they sweet!?  I think they will look so pretty in the corners of the quilt.  The middle left of the next photo shows what they look like before you fold them and stitch them...

This is what the backs look like.  Grandmother's Fans do not have the points, but they are a quarter circle like this, set into the corners of blocks:

I remember the first time I made Dresdens.  It was my Daisy Daisy quilt.  I was sure it was going to be rocket science, but they are very, very easy to make.  I couldn't push the points out on this fabric though, without breaking through the fabric!  They are so thin.  But they sure are pretty!!  They will look perfect on a white quilt.

p.s.  all the strips are stitched and ready to be cut into triangles.  It was a very productive day!  : )



Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

If I am remembering correctly from my traditional quilting days, this pattern is also known as "Dresden Fan" (when set together with fans to make a circle)as well as Grandmother's Fan. I have a quilt my grandmother made with blocks set together as a Dresden Fan.

Kiwi said...

Hello Monika! I loved your Daisy Daisy quilt...such gorgeous colours and awesome quilting.

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