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Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Little Ditty

I am spending the weekend machine-less, and plowing slowly through my sewing room.  Yikes.  I filled a garbage bag already!  Four bags of unwanted supplies are sitting on my doorstep waiting to be picked up by Free-Cyclers.  Cleaning.  Cleansing.  Making room for new.  And look at my naked blog!!  I'm sure you've noticed.  I dropped the color and screwed up the banner.  lol.  I'll fix it later.  In the mean time, I've come across some cool things I had forgotten about!

my first weaving sample
I actually have a LeClerc table-top loom in the basement.  I miss that clunk clunk of the shuttles.  But I taught myself to string up the thing and it took FOREVER.  I need to find a teacher for this one. 

crocheted bikini top (one half) lol

And this my friends, is for my mother.  I forgot she had asked me to crochet her a bikini.  She's in her mid 60's.  This is a recent request.  My hands went on me and i cannot crochet any more.  Her 1970's crocheted bikinis fell apart years ago and she wants a red one now.  How's that for one bold Oma!!  lol  Me - I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini.  lol

50 strips jelly roll

Don't laugh.  I forgot about this.  yikes.  Enough said!  Time to clean!

And I found my 2011 Mom's Ultimate Family Fridge Calendar.  It never made it to the fridge.  It does have an anniversary gift chart on the back cover.  This year my husband and I celebrate our 13th year together.  And GUESS WHAT the gift is!?  TEXTILES!  AH HAHA  That is perfect. How do you like that?

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Monika. Love your weaving sample and your half bikini top. I wore a crocheted bikini when I was young and had a great body ;)! Now, I wouldn't be caught dead in one. lol And drat, I have no pictures to prove I was once young.
Stay inspired!

Bee said...

Me too!! Once upon a time....many years ago I wore crocheted bikini. I might wear another one today if I had a very large matching poncho to wear over it! Naw......not even then!! LOL

Kiwi said...

Hi Monika! I was so excited when I saw this blog. You weave? I've tried it and I want to do more. I have an inkle loom that my husband made me (very awesome) and I picked up a table loom at a garage sale last summer. i need to learn how to set it up...maybe we can weave together sometime? Talk to you soon! Kerrie

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