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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

It's All Good. Still, I Procrastinate.

I feel like I'm in a good place right now.  The sewing room has been cleaned.  Unused/unwanted fabrics have been purged through the guild's garage sale and via FreeCycle.  I got word that my quilt has arrived safely in Ontario for a photo shoot.  (That sounds so funny!)  The Monday night guild meeting was really refreshing as usual. I love our guild.  I spent some couch time working on the hand embroidered postcards for the next PostcardCottage swap.  See the sidebar if you would like to join!  I used a big Erica Wilson embroidery book that my sweet friend Molly gifted to me.  So far so good, and highly enjoyable! 

bear with me, it's only my second time doing this...

I have to make three cards.  This is the first time I'm making three of the same.  They are 4x6 inches and will be mailed as is, unwrapped, with an address and a stamp on the back.  Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I would use that theme for these.

i love the long french knots!

Sweet, hey!?I am so happy that my hands aren't going numb doing this like they did when I tried to crochet. 

I really enjoyed yesterday's tips comments!  And did you read about Jesica and her grandma!?  Awe.  I have a huge bag of fabrics from Jesica, that belonged to her grandmother.  She wants me to make her a big white quilt with colored triangles all over it.  I have a feeling she saw some Red Pepper Quilts!  I hope I can pull this off and be original.  I don't like copying but I'm sure Rita's aussie influence will be there.  How can it not?  : )

And the 'procrastinate'...  I want to finish Mandy's piece,  plus I have 8 weeks to have a set of fibre art pieces done and framed for a show.  GAG.  Look - I even procrastinated writing that until the end of this post!  I know the procrastination is due to the tension problems with the machine.  I don't even want to face having to pull the damn seam ripper out again for everything I try!  (yeah - I said damn.) 

I do have Pretty Penny back now.  That's my 7700.  She's red, and expensive, so it was the perfect name, right?  I haven't even put her back on the sewing table. I think part of the issue was the technician's preferences and not the fault of the machine.  I actually had him adjust it again before I walked out of the store because I didn't like the way he had it set when he showed me the samples he made.  It's a good thing I looked at those samples.  All the top thread was showing on the bottom.  That is NOT what I wanted.  I guess it's just a matter of communication.  He set it perfectly to my liking after I described what I wanted.  "Top thread on top, bottom thread on bottom.  That's all".  So he did it, and (whew) it's all good.  It's perfect, though I am feeling like I have post traumatic stress disorder now.  lol 

I'll finish these postcards with some satin stitching along the edges and see how I like it. 

my 4 yr old on my sewing table, flipping through Quilting Arts mags

slowly recovering from PTSD:


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

HaHa...I hope Penny is behaving now!
I love the French knots, so pretty. I had planned to make valentine postcards for my kids....but I think I will procrastinate too long and wont have time!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Pretty penny.. haha! Your embroidery is very pretty and I like the designs you selected! Good luck with you list of tasks.. it's nice to keep the hands and mind busy isn't it?

karen said...

your little girl is so pretty!! I also have the Erica Wilson book, it's great isn't it.

Bee said...

I'm glad you have Pretty Penny back and you were able to get your tech to set her up right! I also love the French knots. Very pretty! Your daughter looks so much like my 4 yr. old granddaughter in that photo!

Jackie said...

hey! 2 questions;
1. Do you have the janome 7700 and if so do u like it? I have been dying to get one.
2. Why is your quilt in my little province of ON for a photo shoot?


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