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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Colorway with Solids and Commission with Sparkle

Slowly.. I'm getting back to my life.  I sure lost several days of it!  So I spent the last two doing a lot of cooking & freezing meals again, and playing outside with the kids since it's been extremely mild out.  I shoveled two big decks and then cleared paths all over the back yard like a maze for the kids.   Tonight we'll have a bonfire out there.  Aah, and the moose chili is simmering on the stove.  ; )  So here are two projects I started before the holidays that I'm finally getting back into now. 

The first one is for the Summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.  It's kind of a funny story.  I asked if I could submit a pattern.  She said yes.  I sent in my fruity yellow & peach & white quilt photos.  She said 'yes, but... can you do them in these colors?'  Yes, but should make me worry.  Hey I'm up for a challenge.  The colors were from the old Coppertone sun lotion bottles.  I looked at them for a long time on my computer screen.  No, those are not fruit colors.  Those are mushroom and dragonflies and boy colors.  So I am making completely different blocks for a new quilt, and it's turning out really great so far!!

triple stitching

I don't have permission to show you too much since it will be published.  But I'm working diligently on it.  I really want this to be a beauty!  I got to play around with color placement on the EQ5 before stitching anything together.  Here's to a seam ripper free experience!!  It's a child's quilt in the colors that will coordinate with the magazine that month.  So all the embroidery, crochet, knitting, cross stitch, quilts, etc will utilize that colorway.  Isn't that neat?  I never knew they did that.  : )  p.s.  blue & brown are not the only colors...  I love the HOT of the orange.  !!

the solids I'll be using, more colors than were requested

The second piece I'm working on is "Mandy's Magical Tree".  It's a commission to be a wall hanging of a tree using all her baby slings' fabric.  And I also am only going to show teasers here.  : )

couching some sparkly onto the branches

pin basting prior to quilting

Don't get too settled into that image.  I'm barely half way there.  The quilting will be colorful and can really change the look of a quilt top.  I also have to add dozens of leaves which will take up a lot of the (big) wall hanging, and decide on what to do with the horizon. 

the big honey silk moon at the top of the dark sky

The moon, sun, and stars are by far my favorite aspects of this!  They each have their own feel, and the unique fabrics are just the right ones. 

Lots left do to... better go stir that Bullwinkle & Beans! 

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the well wishes.
You are all so so sweet!

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Have a GREAT day.


A.J. Dub. said...

I love seeing what you do! You are A-Ma-Zing!

Rachel Hauser said...

That triple stitching shot is lovely. Congrats on getting published!

Diane said...

Your tree is beautiful and I think your revamped fruit if going to be wonderful!

Lauren said...

I am beyond excited hearing/ seeing the progress on Mandy's tree! I realized after I saw you that day that your description of your plans for the leaves is really what I was imagining too!

Lee said...

Wow, the tree is really coming along! But I knew you must have lots more to add to it. : ) Can't wait to see how it plays out!

I'm sure your quilt for the magazine will be lovely. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! Have a great week!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Just lovely!! The rainbow of solids has me drooling and I am so excited to hear about your magazing quilt! Your quite an inspiration my dear, glad you are feelign better!

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