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Monday, 31 January 2011

Bookstore Quilt

What a weekend.  Look how much I got done!!

The quilting is done.  The binding is on but not handstitched yet.  I'll do that today.  The empty blocks will be a surprise!  I can't wait to show you.  They'll have buttons, embroidery and raw-edge applique.  I am, fo rthe most part, happy with my free motion on this one.

Notice I say, 'for the most part'.  I did alright.  My machine however...  ARG!  Look closer.  Ps - it's still a good quilt and I have taken out those stitches and redid these parts FYI.  These photos were taken lastnight.  Excuse the funny lighting.

The thread broke every 15 minutes.  Can you see the skipped stitches?  There's a whole row of misses!  I figured the needle must be bent, but changing it didn't help much. 

Well it's all done and looks great now.  I have decided that when the opportunity presents itself, I will take training to become a machine repair technician.  But what's up with this Horizon!?  Is it the tech settings or is it the machine?  Did the delivery guy drop the thing off the truck or something!!?? 

If you care, please leave a comment to make me feel better.  ;  )  lol  This sucks!

On a positive note, I will see you tomorrow for Tips on Tuesday!!  The topic is on Piecing, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it! 


enjoying the sunshine, not enjoying minus 34C!!


julia said...

oh, i feel with you...i've had the same issues with my fmq ~ i don't think it's your horizon, i rather think the reason for the skipped stitches & broken thread is the wrong needle/thread combination.
maybe you could try a larger needle, preferrably a top stitch needle (e. g. for my superior thread, my bernina only wants the t. st. #90 needles, as they write in their instructions...).

my tips for you:
- re-thread your machine, sometimes this already helps (put everything out, take care of the direction you place the spool)
- try a newly wound bobbin
- try another thread
- try another needle type OR just a fresh, sharp needle
- take a deep breath & drink a glass of wine/eat a bar of chocolate :)

p.s. aside from that nasty problem, i just LOVE your quilting!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried taking it to the Sewing Machine Store. Great place and great service.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Monika. I meant Lyle at Creative House. I don't really know anything about the Sewing Machine Store.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thank you! That's the second time I've got that advice. That is my plan. I'm going tomorrow. I took a machine maintenance course from him a couple years ago and I like his perfectionist attitude! He told us, "if the way your machine works is good enough, it's not. It has to be perfect". Thank you so much for contacting me! I really appreciate it.

I spoke to a tech at Janome Canada, and he pointed out something very helpful! When I asked about needles, he said to find out what needle the technician is setting your machine with. And then that's the needle you'll want to use. Smart.

I don't want to work on any of my fibre art until this is sorted out.

See you in April!
: )

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Hope you can sort it out soon. Takes the satisfaction out of sewing when this happens.
Heading for 35C above here today! Extremes both ends.

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