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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

So Much News, Sew Much New

Wow, what a week.  I wasn't sure if I should make ten little posts or one huge one.  I'll go with the latter and I'll keep it pretty.  : )  The auction went well, though it was weird.  It all closed at 7, but people kept bidding, including children.  It was quite the showdown.  In the end, we did our best to sort that all out, and the little quilt sold for three hundred dollars (to the preschool)!  The mom who bought it is hot on the trail to get me to make another for her son too.

the label on the back

it's tough to photograph quilts straight on.  you can't see any of the quilting.

What else... I got MORE mail!  Quilting Arts Magazine arrived, and YES, my postcard was in there with nine others.  Wowee!  Coincidentally, the cover is fibre art from a woman in Alberta, and the artist spotlight is on a woman in Ontario.  I thought that was pretty cool!  2 of the postcards are from Canada.

click to enlarge

There's a note at the bottom of the page.  It's not over!  They want more.  The address below.

do it!  what are you waiting for?

Speaking of mail and postcards, one more came today.   It was for the "Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas" swap at PostCardCottage.  It's complete with real jingle bells!!  hahaha  I love it.  Thank you Carolyn M.  It was tucked in a plastic sleeve.  Good thing - a couple bells got loose.  Don't worry, I'll sew them back on.  

thank you Carolyn M. from Georgia, USA!

And great news!  I got not one, not two, but THREE more issues of Quilter's Connection sent to me as a gift for submitting the pattern.  I was on my way to purchase one for the giveaway.  Well thanks Heather!  I'm bumping up the giveaway to include two winners.  Keep the hilarious comments coming on the last blogpost in order to enter.  Good luck!

Here's what you get when you sew a lot:

my quilts on the rack, waiting for new homes

and here's what you get when you sew a lot:

that's just from one meal.  this photo is cropped!



Cheryl said...

I think you've inspired me to try to make a card! Congrats on the success of your fundraising quilt. It's beautiful. Where do you find the time?

My Sweet Prairie said...

This has become my full time work. Thankfully, I love it!! (much more than doing the dishes!)

Lee said...

First the pattern and now your postcard in Quilting Arts! You are rocking it! : ) Good job!

And I'm not at all surprised the auction quilt went for so much!

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