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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Quilts at Preschool

This morning, I was the guest speaker at my daughter's German Preschool class.  I came in to talk about quilts.  I told them how and why they were made.  We talked about squares and triangles.  And I brought in three quilts to share the 'quilt story' with them.  The first was Arwen's little pink quilt.  All triangles.  They laughed when I told them the pattern is called "broken dishes".  

Love the crash helmet for circle time!  lol

Then I showed them a quilt with no triangles - Liam's Summer Log Cabin quilt.  I showed them why it's called log cabin, and we talked about how you build with blocks and legos.  

Then I took out my Mama Bear's Paw quilt - and they all jumped on it!  lol  There's my daughter explaining to everyone why it's called Bear's Paw.  Cute.

One kid dove in, and the rest followed!

I took out the little kits, and everyone designed their own block with pieces and a glue stick.  They had lots of fun.   I told them I've always wanted to make a houses quilt, and so they were helping me.  

Arwen waiting to make her piece at the other craft table.
Well... everyone except my daughter.  She made a boat.  ???  Haha.  Good for her!  As she flipped the roof piece over to glue it, she saw a boat!  And so that's the way she wanted to keep it.  (hers is in the middle).

Didn't they do a fabulous job!?  WOW.

Sweet!  So there's 2 more I need to pick up next week.  2 kids are out with pink eye!  (wash wash wash).  The teacher told me that parents would be fighting over this at the silent auction.  Then as I left, she started to look at the pieces and said, "nah, maybe we shouldn't auction it.  It should stay in the classroom".  Ha!  But I'm doing all this work for the St. Nikolas fundraiser.  I'll tell her I'll make another classroom quilt in the new year.   Or she can bid on this too for the classroom.  : )



Anonymous said...

You're a natural born teacher, quilter, mother full of fun! So, Arwen likes the idea of a houseboat. Maybe on one of Saskatchewan's 100,000 lakes :).
Stay inspired!

Lee said...

ADORABLE! I love it! They did a fabulous job. I may have to organize something like this for my daughter's school.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks! I'm not really looking forward to appliqueing it, but it will sure make a great keepsake! What do you think - raw edge or satin stitch? hmmmm

Wendy Lou said...

I love it! That is going to be so cute. Did you put interfacing on the pieces pre-gluing and cutting?

fabriquefantastique said...

Quilting/quilts are perfect to talk about to any grade

Anonymous said...

I now have this quilt and I LOVE IT Well worth the money I spent. My daughter will have this for a lifetime and that warms my heart!!

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