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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Now I'm Getting It!

Reality set in - I have a gallery space in ten days.  OH MY.  So from my frustration with not knowing how to mount or frame my odd sizes of art, I finally get it.  "Pick the frame and then make the art," I say.  "Wow Monika, great idea," I reply.  : )  So I have this frame...

I love the frosted glass.  And it has pre-cut matting for 4 teeny tiny pictures.  4 landscapes = 4 seasons!  So I got to work.  I worked all day.  When I say teeny tiny, I mean teeny tiny.  

You are looking at the entire horizon of my Summer piece.  It's twice the length of my presser foot!  There I am, couching on the blue hills you see in the distance (mostly around North Battleford).  PS - Molly - that sparky blue is from you!  I believe the variegated sulky thread in the green is too.  ; )

And hey - check out my tear-away stabilizer!

It's really tough paper towel, the kind you find in public washrooms.  This stuff is from HobbyWorld : )
The frame is newer but knicked, so I will either have to re-paint it or sand it to look dated. Not sure yet.  But here's Prairie Summer!

Darn, it's SO much more vibrant and sparkly than this photo!  I hope you can see it at the Centre.  I will get out that wrinkle in the sky.  lol  I'm also going to add five birds like my "Spring on the Prairie" piece.  Look at those stitches!  You know this piece is nearly actual size - 3 inches by 3 inches.  I'm done Autumn and Winter.  Spring has some artist paintsticks worked into it and it's not yet done.  It needs to dry - 2 days?  Ah well... gives me time to re-do that frame.

By the way, this is all done on buckrum as a stabilizer.  I discovered also, that it makes a great backside to postcards.  It is so flat and stiff.  It's my new favorite thing.  ;)

back to work
: )

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