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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Don't try this at home folks.

I have an HP inkjet printer.  I found a recipe of the internet for a solution to use to set the printer ink for permanency when printing onto fabric.  Here's the ingredients:

30 parts hot water, 10 parts alum, 4 parts washing soda, 1 part fabric softner.  Soak the printed fabric.  I found the grams translated on the internet as well.  Click on the photo to see the recipe card bigger.

I had a page of postcards printed.  You iron your plain fabric onto the waxy side of freezer paper and then cut it to 8.5 by 11 inches to fit your printer.  I cut my print in half to keep one original.  Here's how the colors compare after soaking.

ALL the blue drained out and turned the solution blue.  ; (  Look at the little window in the prints.  See how it's lost the color?  Ick.

Back to the drawing board.  If anyone else knows the trick, please email me!!

~Monika with fabric-softened hands. 


Anonymous said...

Here's a link with some info on commercially available inkjet fabric setting solution.
Stay inspired!

fabricpixie said...

Do a search online for Beth Wheeler, she has authored several books on 'Altered Photo Artistry' and has a great blog too. You might find just what you need.

I have challenges printing with my HP Deskjet and not willing to invest in a new printer.

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

Monika said...

Thanks! Hey - we have yahoo groups in Canadian cities called "Free Cycle" (free, recycle). I asked for a printer and was offered many! I picked one, and picked it up that night. In fact, MOST of my sewing room is filled with freecycled items. desks, bookshelves, bins, cuttin gmatt, fibres, bags of fabric, yarn, threads, glass jars for storage, curtain rods, quilt hangers, ironing boards... The purpose is to keep re-usable items out of the land fills. : ) My point (lol) is you don't need ot buy a printer if you don't like the one you have. : )

Thanks Michele too! : )

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