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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

You Need To Understand How Hard This Is!

I SWEAR: I am computer-retarded.  I am so geekless it is ridiculous.  Making this blog was painful.  And I still don't get how everything works.  I can program a VCR, but when it comes to computers...

I have not been sewing.  The last couple days I've spent PAINSTAKINGLY trying to make a store on Etsy.  It should be simple.  I mean, they give you so many detailed instructions and tutorials.  It's really laid all out for you.  Maybe it's that I can't make it through all that text.  Reading just evaporates my focus.  Weird.  

Anyhoo - it's getting there... I'm building.  But what a friggin' time- eater!  gad.

I need a personal secretary or business manager.  I just want to sew and make a living.  I am a creative force, not a programmer.  Are you laughing at me?  It's really bad.  I don't even read novels.  Never have.  I get bored.  I like pictures and inspirational quotes.  (Michelle - you are right up my alley if you are reading this!  : )

Which brings me to my next confession - I don't know how to read your comments.  Well - let me back track... I didn't know the comments were there!  Adrianna came over the other day to show me her blog, and I could not figure out how to "be a follower" of other posts.  

I just want to sew and stare at the sky and listed to the birds.  

Well you know, there will be a HUGE announcement when I get my Etsy shop up and running.  It will be a bigger event than turning 40. 

Blogging off now...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Etsy. I tried my hand at a Cafepress (also U.S. based) store a few years ago. The inventory control was pitiful and I never received my money even though they sold my stuff. Luckily I closed the store so they couldn't make more money off me without paying me. I've looked into Etsy, but with the cost of postage and tax collecting/reporting uncertainty, I decided against it.
Stay inspired!
p.s. I just recently discovered that you have to be signed in to your Google or Blog account to follow another person's blog, otherwise that follow button doesn't even appear at the top.

3 lil angels' momma said...

lol . . . i'd be a perfect personal secretary or business manager but i have absolutely no creative talents . . . we are each perfect in our own way : )

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