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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tips on Tuesdays! -> Threads 2

Welcome to Tips on Tuesdays!  This is a sharing post - so please leave any tips in the comments section.  The topic is "Threads", so anything that has to do with this topic is fair game.  If you blog, leave link and help yourself to the button on the sidebar.  It links to ALL "Tips on Tuesdays" posts. 

I haven't quite lost my pessimism over this yet... but it so far, so marvelous!  I started thread painting for the first time with my Janome 7700P and noticed a few interesting things that are different from my last machine.  With my 4900, I had to turn the top tension right down to zero when using fine rayon threads.  Everyone told me I had to do that to make it work.  I love my rayon threads by the way.  With the Horizon, I noticed it's completely not necessary to fiddle with tension at all.  I left the tension on auto the whole time with perfect results. 

I also used to have to set specialty threads like that upright in a cup and feed it up through the machine so that it won't tangle.  Rayons and some decorative threads just seem to unwind, pop up and wrap and tangle around the base of the thread spool post.   NIGHTMARE.  And I used to wonder what the heck this was for.

I took a look at the base of this polyester embroidery spool.  Hmm...

So I tried this to remedy the situation.  It contains the thread and keeps it from tangling.  Nice.

Geeze.  Maybe we should all sit back and read the manuals!  lol  And away I went, working on some thread painting.  I can stop and start without needing to reach for the scissors thanks to the auto thread cutter.  The backs are so tidy, nothing gets tangles.  Best of all, no homemade thread spool holder cups & safety pin & tape thread guides anymore.  None for me, thanks!

If you have questions about cotton vs polyester, Rita from Red Pepper Quilts just wrote a great post on that, so I won't bother repeating it. 

Is there anything you would like to share about sewing with different threads?  It can be on hand stitching, machine stitching, on tension or needles... your favorite thread brands or types.  Thanks in advance!



Nancy said...

I use hand quilting thread to hand sew my binding. It's stronger and doesn't tangle as much as the Aurifil I was using..

Evelyn said...

Aren't there little nets that you can place over the spool to help keep the thread contained? I never use rayon/nylon thread, so I've never used one myself, but I'm pretty sure my machine came with a couple...

Anonymous said...

I place my embroidery threads on an upright spool holder and move it at least arm's length away from my machine to prevent excessive unravelling. Works great!
There is also a gadget called a DeelyBob that goes on the upright spindle. It keeps small spools such as Sulky from bouncing and jerking when doing machine embroidery. I believe it also helps with unravelling. I don't have one but plan on getting one next time I'm at the store.
P.S. Monika, thank you for the pretty pins and pincushion. You are so sweet :)

Becky said...

Hmmm... The only tip I can think of is that I sometimes use a less expensive thread in the bobbin that is the same color to save a bit of money... I also think it really matters that you put the spool on the "right" direction. In my machine's case, it rolls off counter-clockwise. What I really wanted to say is that now I really want a new sewing machine!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Your olive thread is SO pretty! Rayon thread? Do you like it for the sheen? I've never tried it.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

I use it for thread painting & art. It's not for quilting & washables. It shreds easy. But when I threadpaint, it's thin & fine enough to not build up like a heavy cotton would.

The olive is a variegated cotton from Sulky. It's perfect for some of the greenery in my landscapes.

: )

Christie describeHappy said...

I am going to have to google thread painting. It sounds really neat and I can't say I have really heard of it to date. I don't have any tips to give on this one, but a question instead.... is there a difference in thread on what you use for piecing a quilt vs. quiling the sandwich?

Your auto cutting machine sounds like heaven!! Enjoy!

Grandma Coco said...

I haven't many tips to offer. Still just getting comfortable with machine quilting. I did manage to add your button to my blog. One thing at a time.... :) Thanks!

Bernie said...

I just recently tried that Sulky for free motion machine quilting - for me it has been the best to date. Previously I would be working along and the top thread would break - no matter what the tension. But with Sulky it flows which allows me to flow - well sort of as free motion is not yet my forte (and may never be but I keep practising!).
i didn't know that machines had a right and wrong way for the thread to come off - I just know that sometimes you have to start completely over to make it work well. HM >> perhaps I should have read the manual 22 years ago but now I just want a new machine!!

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