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Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine Postcards!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Last week I was invited into two Kindergarten classrooms as a "Fibre Artist Guest Speaker".  I love doing that so much!  I decided the craft would be on postcards.  I'm a homeschooling mom, so I brought two of my kids with me.  One helped teach, and one was my photographer.  Here's me introducing myself.

I know.  What can I say.  My photographer is short.  : )  I wish I had a camera on their faces when I finally told them how I make my art.  They guessed everything imaginable except "with a sewing machine".  I pulled out all the fabric postcards I had received from swaps.  I held them up and said "this one is from Quebec", and "this one is from Ireland", "this one is from Manitoba", etc.  The kids loved holding them and looking at how they were made.  Some have beads, some have lace, some have tulle, one even had bells attached!  Then the children all got to work making their own fabric postcards with glue and kid needles (twist ties). 

The rickrack ran out fast.  The kids LOVED working with it!  We had them use cardstock as the main structure of course.  I wasn't about to bring in the machine, the rotary blade, and the hot steam iron.  Adult or child - I love teaching postcard workshops.  Before they began, I asked them to think of a person they really really love, and make that card for them.  Boy did they get busy!  It was SILENT in the room and everyone got straight to work.

Most had "mommy" on the brain.  : )  The kids with separated parents all piped up that their parents don't live together.  "That's okay," I said.  "You can make one for each parent."  Some made two.  Some made three.  Some didn't want to stop!  All were very proud.

They sewed, and they sewed.  I went around to get them started and initiated some conversations about sewing.  Only two children out of both classes said they had sewn before.  It was so neat watching them figure out where to put the needle next to get the right effect.

Isn't that fabulous!?

I just love all these little hands.  They were all so creative!

It was a very good day.



Anonymous said...

Made me smile :).

Stay inspired!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

You are such a good teacher! and so patient!Great job.

Mandy said...

Thank you again!!! <3

Unknown said...

So Sweet. BTW, my sister in law is also a fiber artist, you might enjoy her blog tworedthreads.blogspot.com

Christie describeHappy said...

Kiddo imagination really makes me day! I bet you are still smiling from the experience!

felicity said...

I love love love the photos that show the child's hands holding up his/her work. What a great idea your workshop was!!

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