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Friday 3 December 2010

Rumor Has It...

I heard through the grapevine that one of my fabric postcards made it into Quilting Arts magazine!  It`s their 10th anniversary issue and they put out the call for birthday-postcards. As you know, I LOVE FIBRE POSTCARDS!  The challenge was to prominantly display the number ten.  I instantly envisioned a big red X.  But I changed my mind and I sent this in!

Just look at the detail - hours of handstitching.  Silk woven fabric, metallic threads, glass beads...(wait for it)

ooh! so pretty!

Here`s the magazine - gorgeous cover!  It hasn't arrived in my mailbox yet, though I have checked twice each day since Monday.  (wait for it)

But I sent 2 cards in.  (here it is)  And the ugly one made it!  LOL  It was funny.  It took ten minutes to make.  I made it with cotton, stenciled acrylic paint, and a jiffy marker.

I guess it caught their attention!  (my humor, not my skill).  hehehe  I'm glad it's in there.  It is a birthday card after all, and birthdays are supposed to be fun.  The big red X was the first thing that popped into my head when I read about the challenge.  I put it off, an made the pretty one.  It was on my way out to the mailbox when the grey brick-wall fabric caught my eye and I decided I HAD to make a graffiti piece.  It was a perfect setting for the big roman numeral ten.

Postcard - check.  Now to get my landscapes in there! 

have a great day, and a good laugh : )


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Monika. I remember when you made these :).
Stay inspired!

Gailanne said...

I guess they wanted to show how fast and easy they were to make, you did GOOD!

Congratulations, stay blessed!

Rebel said...

I have that issue! I have to admit, I like the 'pretty' one better. =P

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