* * * TEACHING * * * Pixel Stitching Project for Kids age 10-13 (all genders) @ Refinery in Saskatoon. Feb 23, 2018. Phone 306.653.3549 to register your child or sign up HERE. All supplies provided.

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* Saturday Stitches

Hello!  Welcome to Saturday Stitches, where you watch me teach myself formal embroidery.  I use embroidery all the time in my art, and I sew on a daily basis.  In fact, I consider myself an embroidery artist (freestyle).  In my pursuit to expand my selection of stitches, I thought it would be wise to learn as many stitches as I can.  I use a variety of books from the public library and internet.  I have also recently joined our local embroidery guild under the Embroiderers' Association of Canada.  All the photos are my own.  I'm learning a lot!  If you want to come back you can copy the image above and paste it into your sidebar.  The URL you can link it to is here (click to copy & paste):

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