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Monday, 14 March 2011

Done, done, and done!

I did the finishing touches on all the pieces I'll be displaying next week.  < gasp: next week!??>  Just before the finishing touches, I go through the same thing where I fear each piece is ruined and I have to start over.  But I persevere and in the end, I'm so very excited about each of these.  ; )

This has been a great learning curve to rise to the challenge of creating enough work for a display.  I'm definitely in love with thread painting!  I just can't get enough.  ; )

The Oat Field (with new clouds)

It's even more of a learning curve to finish, mount, mat and frame.  After Gardenscapes, I will be taking up the three unfinished commissions I've started.  Once May hits, I'll hopefully be all done so that I can work on the next show.  YES, another show!  It is a group exhibit at the Forestry Farm's heritage building, a one day only fundraiser.  It's titled, "Spring Art Show & Sale" that will feature 10 local artists (photographers, painters, and quilting/fibre).  Here's their logo:

And I have EVEN MORE surprises... but first, it's Tips on Tuesdays tomorrow.  See you then!


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

These look great Monika! I love the little blue flowers, and the oat field has just captured the Sask prairie!

Scrappy quilter said...

AMAZING!!! You do incredible work and so quickly. Hugs

Lee said...

Gorgeous work, as always, Monika! Your thread painting is just incredible.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you Monika!!! They look awesome and another show WOW!
Stay inspired!

diane said...

not only are you talented, but you complete a project very quickly!

Kati said...

This is really amazing. I'm so impressed with what you create with thread.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks you guys! It's not fast, really it's not. : ) Everyone keeps saying that and i'm not sure why. I've spent a week on a 5x7" piece. All I did this weekend was a handful of french knots and satin stitched the edges. I am working daily because I have a lot to produce. Maybe that's what you're seeing? ; )

thank you so much for all the compliments. It boosts my courage factor, that's for sure!


Vicki W said...

Really lovely!

Bernie said...

Hey thanks for the early promo about the show! The building by the way, is the Superintendent's Residence.
I am amazed at what you do considering you have small children and home school plus all the basic house functions! Amazing.
Love the oat one - want to buy it!! Think I will go to Gardenscapes just to see your work!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Wow! I should be so shocked ... all your work is totally amazing, but I am just in awe at how realistic those look. The blending you do with those different colors is just stunning. I only wish I could see how you thread paint. It really high on my list of things to try! Wishing you an amazing show next week!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

arggg... should be "shouldn't" in the first line of my comment (that's what I get for typing too fast while eating lunch at the same time)

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