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A complete photo tutorial for making and attaching bias binding.

This is the method I was told is the appropriate way to hang quilts for quilt shows.  So... I didn't make this up.  I'm passing on the information for those of you who can't find it otherwise.  ; )  After helping hang a quilt show, I must say that it's smart to follow these instructions.  Some people's quilt sleeves didn't work out if they were too small or attached incorrectly.  Don't take your chances!

A selection of Saturday blog posts full of instructional photos related specifically to traditional hand embroidery.  I plan to pick this up again as I teach myself more stitches.

A quick step-by-step photo tutorial to show you how to use the fusible stabilizer I sell in my etsy shop for perfect postcards every time! : )

Here is a quick DIY on framing those lovely fibre art minis with tips and suggestions.  Why not show of your postcards collection!?

This was a very popular series I did.  It's FULL of informative posts by topic, that included even more tips by readers in the comments section below each Tuesday post.  This link will show all posts under the heading: Tips on Tuesdays!  I think we all enjoyed these ones : )

Have fun looking!

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