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Thursday 1 March 2018

March. Really!?

I can hardly believe it's MARCH.  We've had the coldest, sunniest winter ever I think.  It just warmed up and wouldn't you know it?  There's a big snow blizzard floating across North America.  Need some cheering up?  How about this?  "3 more weeks to Spring!" and "3 more weeks to GARDENSCAPE!"

This will be my 8th consecutive year selling my art at this event.  The artists will all be set up again in Hall E.  I believe this year will be the biggest art event there yet.  I'm working away...  getting my threadpaintings ready!  I'm currently working on this big one that will be in a 15x20" frame.

work in progress

All of the work I'll have available at Gardenscape in Saskatoon will be my Threadpaintings which are framed and matted under glass.  I won't have my yarn embroideries available in such a public space because those are not put under glass.  And... you know, people get a little too 'handsy' around yarn.  : )  Three days and thousands of spectators will require some glass as a barrier.

I have yet another show & sale the very next month with my new group!  That's exciting, and a lot of production while maintaining stock at Handmade House.  So... I guess I'll sign off here and get back to stitching!  : )

Have a great weekend everyone.

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