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Monday 14 January 2013

Sixteen Weeks

Sixteen weeks... that's not a long time!  

*this liscence-free photo is by 'Cayla' and copied from the Wikipedia page on Winnipeg

In sixteen weeks I will be heading to Winnipeg for a BIG show of 25 threadpaintings.  It will be early May when I travel.  It will my birthday when I hang the show.  Lots of other things are coming together for that time including running a several classes and doing a couple lectures/trunk shows.  WOW.  I'm quite thrilled.  I'll let you in on all the details once they become clearer.  For now, here is the ad for that exhibit.

you can click on this to view it larger

I've had this booked for some time.  I've been waiting to make the official announcement here on my blog.  Now it's really getting closer!  All the work you'll see me making this spring will likely be part of this show.  The venue provides a 'Small Works Series' which is perfect for me.  I also picked the month of May because Winnipeg will be host to the national conference of the Embroiderers Association of Canada.  Also, that gives me all winter & Spring to work.  That sounds like a lot of time... but really it's only SIXTEEN weeks now!

At first, part of my felt a little weird to take my prairie art away from home to sell it.  However, after thinking about it more, I feel pretty confident that people in Manitoba will be able to appreciate the flat land and big sky in my art.  I have never been to Winnipeg, and truthfully, I am thrilled to have to travel right across the open prairie to get there.  My camera will be very happy too.  ; )  If you are in or near Winnipeg during the first week of May, mark your calendars and drop by on opening night!


Katie said...

Woohoo! This gives me sixteen weeks to save travel money so I can drive up from Fargo.

It's been years since I have been to Winnipeg so now the question is do I go for the day or stay overnight?

HollyM said...

So exciting, Monika! Wish I lived closer!

elle said...

I need to mark this. Winnipeg defintely relates to the Saskatchewan prairie. I'll be looking forward to meeting ya and that is my favourite book store.

PrairiePeasant said...

Wonderful news! I will definitely be marking my calendar! I will look forward to meeting you and seeing your work in person!

B J Elder said...

Sounds wonderful - and a great way to spend your birthday too. I am sure your pieces will be greatly enjoyed there!

Juanita said...

Congratulations on your show! They sure will relate to your prairies pieces in Winnipeg. I'm in Ontario and seeing your work makes me want to see the prairies for real.

Dahn said...

SHRIEK!!!!!!!!! This is awesome good news! I am so happy that you are exhibiting. Now get back to work--you don't have that much time left! LOL

Jackie said...

That is just SUPER FANTASTIC!!! I am so happy for you!

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