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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Roller Coasters & Bouncy Houses

In preparation for my travel & stay in Winnipeg for the upcoming show, I tried to apply for some kind of arts funding to help cover my costs.  I have good news, bad news, more bad news, and finally good news.  (ie: roller coaster ride!)  The first grant was approved.  It was a doozie.  YAY!  But they ran out of funding.  Aaawe. 


Yeah.  So was I!  That's twice now.  The next travel grant I found was all good.  I met all the requirements.  YAY!  Then it was pointed out that my show is not a curated one.  That made my request completely ineligible.  Aaawe.  So here I am, with only a few months to go.  I was quick on my feet and took up some teaching to be able to pay my own way.  That makes perfect sense.  My mom always taught me that if I can't find what I need, then I can always make it myself. 

Here's for the good news.  I'm doing four classes at Creative House locally, and am getting booked to run some in Winnipeg while I'm there!  YAY! 

Did you know you can buy a class online now?!  That's convenient. 

* * * I should clarify - these are not online classes.  They are in-house classes that you can pay for online to ensure a spot in the class.  There a loads of classes from a variety of teachers too!

I suppose now the bad new is that I need to put on the brakes again, find some balance between teaching and my rare moments alone to create & ensure I can get all my art done in time for the deadlines.  I'm not booked for Judy's Studio On 9th - but she also has a whole host of wonderful classes & teachers to check out as well (see HERE). 

My schedule is in the new tab above called "2013 Schedule of Events".  I think everything is there except for details on the classes in Winnipeg.  I will get back to you on that.  I know I'm booked to speak.  They call it 'lectures', but as a mom with three little kids, I get a completely different vision of giving a lecture to a group of 150 women.  lol  THAT would get me into trouble.  : )  Instead, I'll be sharing my story and doing trunk shows.  That sounds much friendlier, doesn't it?

Speaking of friendly, wow Winnipeg!  I have to say a preliminary thank you to the people I've contacted so far: bloggers and art lovers and guilds alike.  You've been all so very accomodating!  It's like you are all blowing up a big bouncy house and inviting me to jump in!  I'm looking forward to it for sure.

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HollyM said...

Ah, paper work and red tape, always a trial. Glad you figured out how to do it even if it is extra work. You'll have fun anyway.

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