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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Today I Pack, Tomorrow I Teach

I'm pretty excited about going to Bernie's Attic sewing studio tomorrow!  Everyone seems so enthusiastic to go as well.  My only fear is that I take a wrong road when I head out of the city to find her place for the first time.

I'll be bringing LOTS of gorgeous samples from around the world.

For this class, I have Fiona all ready to go (my Kenmore).  Since the class is three flights up, I should take the sewing machine that weighs the least.  I have all these supplies ready:  colorful threads, presser feet, sharpies, cutters, bobbins, postcard stamps, and I can't forget my Lapel Stick!  Yeah: shameless advertising.  They've been saying some really terrific things about me on Facebook since I use their glue when I make my art, so I don't mind one bit.  Lapel Stick, Lapel Stick, Lapel Stick.  : )

I have a bucket full of assorted embellishment options, plus a few issues of Quilting Arts that showcase postcards and ATCs specifically.  There's so much eye candy in those pages!

I also have a bag stuffed full of little scraps with every color under the rainbow, from novelty to batik and everything in between.  Yummy!

Stay tuned!  There's some BIG SURPRISES coming up this next week.  BIG.  See you later!


Linda Coleman said...

best of luck with the workshop. Please take plenty of photos (you take such good photos) so that I can be inspired.

Anonymous said...

College Drive is pretty easy to find - don't think you will get lost on it! It becomes highway 5. the drive in is pretty big and hard to miss - you turn left there. Set your odometer and you are home free! Also it takes about 20 minutes not the 10 that you had posted earlier.
See you tomorrow. OK- got to go clean my house!

DVArtist said...

Have fun with the drive and the class. There is nothing like the energy of teaching.

Ellie said...

Your class sounds like fun, I would have loved to have come too but felt it was a bit far to travel to from Scotland.Lol. Good luck tomorrow.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Have fun at your class!

Margaret said...

Have a great teaching time tomorrow, Monika! I know it'll be a lot of fun for everyone. :-)

Anonymous said...

Have fun tomorrow teaching..... I too wish I lived closer to take a class with you..oh well... But I have been busy making my 1st cards and am 3/4 of the way through them Cannot wait to get them mailed out and to recieve some back This is so much fun!!! and can see how it is addicting....

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