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* Fibre Art

*Note: This page begins with my first art, and ends with my most recent pieces.  Please scroll through!  ; )

Oh do I EVER love to make these little gems!  I have mailed my postcards for swapping all over.  Western Canada, Central Canada, locations in the United States, and Ireland too!  They measure 4 by 6 inches, and are mailed with regular postage and no envelope.  Each swap has themes to sign up for.  Here are mine so far:

Wait... This was a thank-you card for the purchaser of my first non-commissioned quilt sale.  This was made with raw edge applique, machine embroidery, couched yarns and fibres, and of course, two little buttons. 

Here are three easter themed cards.  They were also raw edge appliqued, and include couched decorative yarns and fibres.  The lower one was netted with tulle.  All of the edges were satin stitched with gorgeous rayon threads I bought at the last big provincial quilt show.

These were fun, and hours of work believe it or not.  The theme was "Embellish, Embellish, Embellish".  I chose to crazy quilt by machine and by hand using beads, metallic fibres, embroidery floss, cotton and rayon threads.  I cannot imagine doing large pieces of work by this method!  That's what winters are for I guess!

Here are some "Birds and their Houses" postcards.

Below is a thank you card, to a fabulous stranger named Molly.  She Freecycles her sewing and art stash to me when she does her spring cleaning.  She is responsible for starting my whole Art-Quilting-addiction (hehehe).

Another swap, called "So Pretty".  This was free-motion stitched with gorgeous variegated cottons from Molly.  Glitter and glass beads were added for embellishment. 

May 2010 Fibre Art
Here are my "Wish You Were Here" set of postcards - one for each season on the Canadian Prairies.  All originals, and all from my own photographs.

"Spring as Far as the Eye Can See" / Wish You Were Here

"Red Barn in Summer" / Wish You Were Here

"Autumn Prairie Fire" / Wish You Were Here

"Blessed Winter at the Cabin" / Wish You Were Here
I custom made another winter scene for a lovely woman who was heartbroken to hear that this piece was already spoken for.  It was pure delight to meet her and deliver this piece to her, all dressed up in a frame.

Homestead on Highway 7 (reserved)          7x10" unframed

the last card I swapped in PostcardCottage, 2010

Columbine and Combine, 2010

Rosehips Under Glass, 2010 (detail)

Telephone Poles Along Highway 7, 2010  NFS

Summer, 2010  (4 seasons in this frame) SOLD

The Moon One Morning (2010, detail)  SOLD

Black Eyed Susan, 2010 (detail) SOLD

Blog Prize Giveaway - Postcard mailed out, 2010

Happy 10th Quilting Arts!  Postcard mailed out, 2010
Google Biggar SK- Farmer's Fields & Highway 51, 2010 (NFS)

2011 Fibre Art

Field of Barley (sold)

Far North Arctic Art

embroidered snails on a quilt

Thread painting commission "Mother's Homestead"

Postcard commission 4x6", sent to California

another Canola Field, with approximately 1000 French Knots (framed & sold)

working on Rosehips by the Lake

Deep Summer Fields, (sold)

Commissioned wall hanging, Poles Along Highway #7

free motion embroidery / 'thread painting' on soluble

Spring on the Prairie, for sale 6x8", matted & framed in blue/grey barnwood  (click to enlarge)

hey look!  A reporter found me at a show and tracked me down for this.  : )

Boundless II, commissioned

one of my favorite pieces... I typically work from my own photos

Leaf Postcard (swapped)

My Happy Place postcard art (swapped)

detail of Bloom (sold)

Framed freestyle embroidery.  Bloom (sold)

My Happy Place postcard, 4x6  Swapped.

canola in progress

purple on the prairie (work in progress)

Knock Your Socks Off!

Winter Comes at Night, 2011  small works (sold)

A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie - Snowglobes! ; )  (sold)

The Barley Field commission (sold)

Flourish, 2011  6x8" (sold)

Flax at Jackfish, 2011 (commission, sold)

Along Highway #7, 2011 (sold)

A Prairie Dress (back detail) 2011 Saskatoon Quilt Show entry #1303
Exhibited in "Seeds" group show at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery, 2012

Accepted into the National Juried Show, Quilt Canada, Halifax 2012

A Prairie Dress (back detail) 2011 Saskatoon Quilt Show entry #1303
Exhibited in "Seeds" group show at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery, 2012
Accepted into the National Juried Show, Quilt Canada, Halifax 2012

scrappy postcard (swapped)

scrappy postcard (swapped)

scrappy postcard (swapped)

Bloom 2 (sold)

Sundown on Valley Road, 2011  (SOLD)

a pile of prairie... works in progress for the Centre Galleries 2011 - SOLD OUT

Highway 16 in Summer (sold)

Flourish detail (sold)

Late in October, detail (sold)

Twelve Trees (sold)

Flax at Jackfish (sold)

The Buffalo Jump, 2012.  4x6 matted & framed.  (SOLD)

poppies postcard (swapped)

Groovy Autumn quilt top (sold)

Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies (sold)

Wold Willow & Prairie Lilies, detail (sold)

Knock Your Socks Off!  (upcycled, quilted, painted)

2012 Fibre Art

Ready to Sew!!  : )  Happy new year!

October Eve, 7x9 (detail of work in progress) SOLD

My Sweet Prairie, 4x6 (SOLD)

Embellished Owls postcard (swapped)

the dress and the shoes!  photo from 'Seeds' exhibit / Saskatchewan Craft Council

Ditches & Dandelions, work in progress

Nest #1.  Crocheted yarn

Nest #2.  Flax fibre and cotton thread.

October's Eve, 2012  7x9" matted & framed.  (SOLD)

Spring Greens, 2012 (detail)

Spring greens, 2012 (detail)

Wolf Willow & Prairie Lilies II, 2012 (detail, sold)

Spirea Over the Snowbank, 2012

Bloom 3, 2012  (Sold)

a dress for Sedna, detail of work in progress

Dozens of Prairie Postcards in progress!  4x6 inches

Cow Pie & Crocuses, 2012  (not for sale)

Canola Summer, 2012  3x9" matted & framed. SOLD

Prairie Rug #3 (sold)

Prairie Rug #9 (sold)

Prairie Rug #11  $140.oo

Prairie Rug #1 (not for sale)

Prairie Rug #10 (sold)

Crocuses in Spring, 2012.  4x6" matted & framed (SOLD)

Flax at Jackfish #4, 2012. 3x9" matted & framed. (SOLD)

The Flooded Prairie, 2012.  6x8" matted and framed.  (SOLD)

Tipi & Rosehips, 2012.  7x9" matted & framed.  $400.oo

Denmark, 2012  Commission to Australia.  4x6

Lakewood, 2012  (sold) 4x6"

Prairie Summer, 2012  Commission  4x6"

Autumn at Cranberry Flats, 2012  7x9" (sold)

After the Storm, 2012  4x6  matted & framed (sold)

In Full Bloom, 6x6" available Professionally framed & matted to 12x12 (sold)

The Winter Gathering, 2012  5x7" framed & matted (SOLD)

Lakewood 2, 2012  4x6" SOLD

A Perfect Summer Day, 2012  4x6" double matted & framed to 9x11 - featuring over 1000 hand embroidered french knots  (Sold)

Cranberry Flats in September, 2012  7x7" Professionally framed with floating mat to 13x13 - Not for Sale

The Meewasin River Valley, 2012  3x9" framed to 8x12 (sold)

Afterglow at Grasswood, 2012  6x8"  professionally framed with floating mat to 12x14 (sold)

Home from the Lake, 2012  7x9" professionally framed with floating mat to 13x15"  (SOLD)

By the Roadside, 2012  7x9 professionally framed with floating mat to 13x15" (sold)

detail of By the Roadside (above)

Cattails at Sundown (mini 4x4") framed at matted (SOLD)

Annual Exhibit & Sale at The Centre East Galleries every December in Saskatoon, SK  Canada

Floral Road, 2012   4.5x4.5 framed in white, double matted  (SOLD)

Cranberry Flats, 2012  3.5 x 3.5  framed (sold)

A Very Merry My Sweet Prairie - snowglobes every winter at SaskMade Marketplace in Saskatoon (sorry, no shipping)

Sweet Clover, 2013  (sold)

Summer Love, 2012  (sold)

The Prairie's Rebirth, 2013  $285

The Winter Gathering, 2012 (sold)

The Skating Pond, 2013  $500

From Humble Beginnings, 2013 (SOLD)

A Prairie Winter, 2013 (sold)

Crocuses in Spring, 2013  (SOLD)

(sold)  find more at My Sweet Prairie Etsy or the SK Craft Council Boutique

Rosewood Once, 2013  (sold)

Jour d'ete, 2013 (Summer Day)  Sold

Afterglow, 2013  Commission

Winter Turns to Spring, 2013  (Sold)

Sunlit in Silver Spring, 2013.  For sale at the SK Craft Council, $600 framed

Prairie Grass in Bloom, 2013  (not for sale yet...)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked what you saw! 
For purchase inquiries, please email me at Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca
I am happy to ship anywhere in the world.
Paypal accepted.  Commissions welcomed.  
Thank you!

Come back next time, there will be more!  ; )

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