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Let me introduce myself as a teacher!  

As a Postcards teacher, I began making and swapping fibre art cards with vigor since 2009.  I have made 500+ cards and swapped well over 150 cards.  I was the list owner for an online international swap group for 2 years, moderating the group and providing monthly swap themes.  I've been teaching postcard classes since 2010.  It's my favourite class.

I began 'Thread Painting' (also known as free-machine embroidery) out of my love for fibre art & postcard making.  I can honestly say that I have done this type of threadwork on a daily basis for over 5 years now.  It really does get easy with practice.  I am self taught and work creatively from my own photos without templates, tracing, or printouts.  My goal with teaching is to help you learn the technique and how to effectively use thread.  I will not be teaching you to emulate my prairie art.  The thread painting we will do in the first class will make use of bird and nature images of my own, selected for their teaching and learning qualities.

All classes are taught in Saskatoon at my home studio / classroom, but can be brought to your group or event.

Contact me at Monika@MySweetPrairie.ca to book or to find out when & where the next class is being held.  Here are my list of classes:


Creative Quilted Postcards Workshop
(for adults or youth)

In this class, you will learn how to properly construct a fabric postcard for trouble-free mailing.  You will learn what materials work best.  You will be given themes and lots of lovely fabrics and embellishments to spur your creativity.  This is a very fun and experimental class!  Monika will show you how to use your machine in more creative ways as you make your cards.  A variety of finishing methods and backings options will be shown.  Handouts are included to take home.  You bring nothing but your sewing machine with accessories and thread.  Monika supplies everything else.


Creative Postcards Workshop 2 - Creative
This class is an extension to the first, being offered as a secondary half-day workshop or added to the first for a full day workshop.
Thank you! 

'Use Real Leaves' fall swap at PostCard Cottage

This class is for people who have taken the Creative Quilted Postcards Workshop, or who already know how to construct 4x6 fabric postcards.  Basic 'how-to' will not be covered in this class.

The goal of the first class was construction.  The goal of this second class is creativity.  You will have the opportunity to use non-traditional materials and learn some how-to with alternate sewing methods.  There will be collage-work, couching, raw-edge applique, free motion, painting/coloring, and hand work as well.  You can expect to complete at least 2 cards.  Themes will be given, and all supplies will be included to spur your creativity.  Again, you bring nothing but a sewing machine & thread. Swaps will be introduced along with fantastic ideas for collecting, storing, and displaying your postcard collection.


Hand Embroidery 101

This class is a great primer for those wishing to begin their journey into embroidery.  It began as 'Come for Tea & Stitch With Me' and covers a variety of surface stitches with embroidery threads and silk ribbons as well.  Hoops, fabric, embroidery threads and silk ribbons are all provided.  There are lots of tips, tricks, samples, and handouts in this class.  You'll learn how to hoop properly, thread easily, knot, embellish, and put your stitches together for borders & crazy quilting applications.  Students should bring assorted embroidery/crewel needles and an 8" hoop if possible.  I have lots of extras for in class use so please do not do any special shopping for this class.


Silk Ribbon Floral Embroidery

Silk ribbon is so wonderful to work with.  If possible, fresh flowers will be used as models for inspiration.  In this class we will experiment with it's sculptural qualities to create beautiful, natural looking floral designs.  You will learn a few key formal stitches and how to alter them slightly for different effects.  Hooping, ribbon & needle size, threading, anchoring, ending, formal embroidery stitches, and presentation will be covered along with lots of tips and tricks.  Everything is provided.  2.5 hrs


Threadpainting *ALL levels

4 hrs min.

The aim of this class is threefold:

- to learn basic technical information about tension, needles, thread, stabilizer, and speed.
- to learn a variety of ways that your sewing machine works in the free-motion setting.  Please note, we will not be simply filling in space with thread - there is much more to it with my approach.
- to increase your understanding:  to gain confidence and learn to trust yourself during free motion detailed sewing; to learn to look and make sense of what you are seeing so that you can translate it with stitch,
and ultimately, to be a better threadpainter.

This is a very practical class with a very easy method to set you on your way to detailed thread painting applications.  You need not be an artist.  This class focuses on very basic how-to.  First you will practice free motion doodling, then coloring in a variety of printed fabrics that I supply.  You will learn to do long and short stitches, cross hatching and blinding.  After the break you use your new skills for a project-specific thread painting with 4 color main threads included in the kit.  You will be surprised with how simple this is!  Bring your own favorite threads for practicing (any color), sewing machine, small scissors, extra bobbins.  Remember your screwdriver and free motion foot too!  : )  Hoops are optional, but not necessary.  I have plenty for in class use.   * * * Please ensure you have access to your sewing machine's manual.


Threadwork - Advanced (Creative)
This class is available as an extension to the first when booking a full day threadpainting workshop.  
It is not available as a secondary half day class.  Most of my threadpainting instruction is covered in the main class.
Thank you!

Stitch (UK) My article on Threadpainting, Feb/Mar 2015

The purpose of this extension is to learn to get the effects you want with machine, needle, and thread.  This will be incorporated into full day workshops for further learning.  You will explore filling techniques.  You will get to see the differences that different threads make.  You will also learn to use the threads a little differently to get the effects you want.  We will look at options for various elements such as backgrounds, sky, eyes, depth, and water.


Youth Class - Doodle with Your Sewing Machine

* In the case of private bookings, all kit fees will be waived.  Homeschoolers & Highschool Home Ec / Art classes welcome.  I can come to you.

Like to doodle?  Like to sew?  I'll teach you how to do both!  Youth should be familiar with using a sewing machine.  I will help you begin your skills with free motion sewing.  Bring a machine plus thread, and your imagination too.  Ideal for children 9 + who know how to operate a basic sewing machine.



I am available for Artist's Talks / Trunk Shows and can come to school classrooms as a feature artist  (pre K - 12, all abilities) to introduce Fibre Art.  The youngest grades utilize fabric for collage and some very basic sewing skills.  Mid grades are introduced to cross stitching which includes creating their own pixel picture designs.  Older grades explore stitching with mixed media.  Seasonal, holiday, or educational themes can be incorporated.  Special needs activities will be developmentally appropriate and stimulating.  I am in the Saskatoon area.

prairie postcard collage

original designed cross stitch cards (mother's day, valentine's, etc)


What would you like to see me offer?  Drop me a line! : )
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